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Long Sleeve Onesie - Blue Deer
How to clean baby clothes

How to clean baby clothes

Baby’s skin is incredibly sensitive. That’s why it’s always hugely important to take the necessary care when it comes to washing their clothes. Here’s our guide to the best way to clean baby’s clothing, and even some tips for making your cleaning methods better for both your baby and the environment.
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New-born clothing essentials every new parent needs

New-born clothing essentials every new parent needs

Becoming a parent for the first time is an excited but daunting time for everyone. It’s can feel like you need every piece of equipment, new toy, or item of clothing under the sun. It’s easy to get swept up in every new thing that comes along.
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What is organic clothing?

What is organic clothing?

Here at SoftBaby®, we’re passionate about providing parents with high quality, organic clothing for their little ones. Organic processes are at the very core of everything we’re do, and we’re proud of our environmentally friendly ethos. But what exactly is ‘organic’ clothing? And why do we use it in all our products?
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